Mar 13, 2012

My 10 Favorite Essentials

You know that famous question? That one every well known and respected fashion figure has been asked? The same one that the likes of Emmanuelle Alt, Garance Dore etc have been asked? Yep..."what are your 10 favorite essentials?"...that same one. I think when asked that, it signifies your recognition as being fashion
So where am I getting at, you wonder. Well I was asked the same question. And it does not matter it was by a close friend and not a random stranger, and it doesn't matter she was probably humoring me, it doesn't even matter I'm miles afar from the genius styles of Madam Alt and Madam Roitfeld...oh no it doesn't. I decided to embrace this, and make a post about my 10 favorite essentials:
In no particular order
1. A black blazer. I honestly think one can wear a black blazer on anything, even a sack, and still look smart.
2. A white shirt. Silk or crisp cotton, but better when you have both. I like the ones with a man's cut, but better to buy at the homme department.
3. A pair of blue skinny jeans. How would life be without blue jeans...
4. A pair of trousers in prints. I think the best garment to wear in prints is a pair of trousers, and my favorite are my Jewel by Lisa ankara skinnies.
5. Blue denim shirt. This has saved me so many times: I don't know what to wear...denim shirt, My skirt is too dressy, I need to tone it down...denim shirt, my dress is too bright...denim shirt, and so on.
6. A simple pair of black pointy pumps. It's funny how I rarely wear them, but they can't be missing in my wardrobe.
7. Black ballerinas, as simple as A, B, C.
8. A white and highly thin, almost sheer, V-neck t-shirt.
9. A simple black dress that can be dressed up or down.
10. A pair of gold stud earrings. Even more special when they are passed down to you from your great grand mother.

Just 10 can't exactly sum it all up, but these are really pieces I love because they are basic, simple, versatile and functional.

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