Mar 5, 2013

Crisp White Man Shirt

At the risk of sounding so lame, I ask: what is life without a crisp white man shirt? I know I'd be floating on a confusing cloud of neon and print to say the least. Seriously though, if I found myself on an island or desert (or wherever you don't ever want to find yourself) and I had to pick only one item of clothing to live in, it would definitely be a white man shirt.
To be more precise, I would pick this particular one from Uniqlo:

I wore it to church with my tailored peg trousers, and gave the look a little sensuality with my red sole pumps.
I've worn it in many different ways, and I still think of a million-and-one ways I'm yet to wear it. What do you guys think? Do we share the same sentiment towards a white shirt, or am I exaggerating the necessity of it to living?

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