Mar 5, 2013

Crisp White Man Shirt

At the risk of sounding so lame, I ask: what is life without a crisp white man shirt? I know I'd be floating on a confusing cloud of neon and print to say the least. Seriously though, if I found myself on an island or desert (or wherever you don't ever want to find yourself) and I had to pick only one item of clothing to live in, it would definitely be a white man shirt.
To be more precise, I would pick this particular one from Uniqlo:

I wore it to church with my tailored peg trousers, and gave the look a little sensuality with my red sole pumps.
I've worn it in many different ways, and I still think of a million-and-one ways I'm yet to wear it. What do you guys think? Do we share the same sentiment towards a white shirt, or am I exaggerating the necessity of it to living?

Feb 25, 2013

Valentino Spring 2013 Couture, So Magical!

I really can not get the Valentino spring 2013 couture out of my mind...I know, I know that's so old news (according to fashion time), but it dwells on my mind. I should be talking about the Fall 2013 ready-to-wear shows (oh my gawd, Fendi gave me all sorts of life!), and I will, like I always do.
But back to Valentino, the designers couldn't have described it better: MAGICAL.

And when I saw their moodboard, I fell for the collection even harder, such incredible interpretation.

"where nature meets architecture and science meets spiritual rebirth" - Piccioli

To think so much hard work and pain (and sweat I imagine) produced something so pure, so delicate, so graceful...beautiful.
And it got me dreaming, of a future (soon I hope) when our Nigerian designers (who are doing great as it is) would look beyond the "obvious", and find inspiration from things so abstract it makes the mind wonder, and leaves you in awe when you do get it.

Now who wants to join me in my dreams wearing some couture?! haha!

Feb 1, 2013

Making a comeback with Lanvin

Nope, I don't mean coming back with Alber Elbaz by my side, and I don't mean I now have a Lanvin dress hanging in my wardrobe about to bust out. I only mean returning here after a long period of absence (did I hear "as always", pff) with this cool and insane campaign of Lanvin spring summer 2013...I love it! I love Alber! And yes I am screaming!

I love that Lanvin always maintains its code of partying and fun (in a chic way of course) in its campaigns, whether it's a couple of models warming up with Pitbull's I Know You Want Me before hitting the night, or a bunch of models in a cocktail-party-like setting, probably waiting for the cocktails. Don't you just love the Skype twist to it! It's always fun with Lanvin.