Jan 24, 2012

For the love of JEANS

Hi people, hope you had a good weekend, mine was insane. It was a continuous shuffling, as Paris is abuzz with so many activities right now. From the Who's Next trade show, to the parties, to hunting down taxis at mid-night in Paris, and of course the classic occurrence of forgetting things in taxis...this time it was my pair of shoes last seen here. I will post some pictures taken during these events pretty soon.
Finally got some rest yesterday, and vibrantly started the week today wearing of course my red coat:

I decided to wear it with a pair of blue jeans, which brings me to the issue at hand. I suddenly realized that I hadn't been wearing jeans of late, this was quite shocking...or should I say alarming. I am the ultimate 'jeans-girl'...skinny jeans of course...so what happened? I hope I am not losing my edge or something, so this is renewing my vow to jeans: I shall never leave thee.

What I'm wearing: Zara coat, shirt and jeans (hah a); H&M belt; Promod necklace; and New Look boots.

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