Jun 3, 2012

Cristobal Balenciaga- the Fashion Architect

I finally get to share the Cristobal Balenciaga exhibition at Cite de la Mode et du Design, like I promised. While the Comme des Garcon collection was all white, the Balenciaga exhibition boasted of mostly black garments.

And unlike Comme des Garcon, it displayed garments of his creation from 1937 to 1968 and also his collection of spanish pieces from the 18th and 19th century that served as a source of inspiration.

Spanish fishermen wore the hat (below) to protect their faces and shoulders from the sun, and it was recently seen on Balenciaga spring summer '12 runway:

Cristobal Balenciaga was a legendary designer who played with, and manipulated the proportions of a woman's body, and this aesthetic can still be seen in the brand today with Nicolas Ghesquiere.

And I should also add that Balenciaga is one of my favorite brands ;)

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