Jun 4, 2012

A Grey Cloud Over Nigeria...

Like a thief he visits at night
Like a friend he comes around
Not shy to show his face in day light
He comes unannounced

He loves the old
But shamelessly courts the young
He doesn't care about sex or wealth
But envious of good health

Behind you he creeps
Or to your face he leaps
And brings forth judgement
Like a god

Then suddenly you feel his claws
Tearing at the last breath you've got
He is the one we can't avoid
Eventually, for everyone, Death will come

This is a sad period for Lagos, with the crash of a plane and many lives lost, the people mourn. Though I'm far from home, my heart stays connected with my people. I thought I'd dedicate one of my poems which I wrote about a year ago to the souls that are gone. Aha! I bet you did not know I write used to write poems.
And yes I know it's a fashion blog and should be fun, silly and vain, but it's my fashion blog and an extension of myself.

I call this one Death. I pray the souls of the Dana plane crash victims rest in peace. And I feel we all should be thankful for every breathe we take, and for life, and to live in love and faith.
And hopefully I would share another of my poems, and may be next time it will be a silly vain brand-infested one...and I'm saying "and" too many times.
Peace out...xo

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