May 28, 2012

Comme des Garcons- White Drama

A few days ago, I went to the new Cite de la Mode et du Design to see the Balenciaga and Comme des Garcons exhibitions.
For Comme des Garcons, it was an exhibition of its spring summer 2012 collection, which was called the "white drama". Rei Kawabuko is one of the (if not the most) conceptual designers of today. And it's particularly interesting that she never really explains her collections, but leaves us to figure them out, and draw from each collection what we can. But what is clear in most of her collections is that she plays with different ideas and concepts.
The brilliance of Rei knows no bounds, she even manages to solve normal problems artfully:

To protect the all-white collection from dust, and the dirty fingers of overeager viewers, the garments were covered by these big balls, which served not just the purpose but also made a delightful presentation.

The collection can be said to portray life's marking events- birth, marriage, death...

And of course a contradicting mix of these ideas.

There was the wrapped-dead-body look (above) but with blossoming florals which signify life. And there was the wedding dress look (below) with the sleeves knotted at the front.

A front kimono knot signifies prostitution in some part of I heard, and tied hands or sleeves signify bondage or prisoner. This combined with the blissful idea of marriage is quite interesting.

Some may argue these clothes are not wearable, but designers like Rei Kawabuko are so indispensable in fashion. They are the movers of fashion, they keep it alive and keep things interesting. They also set the trends as they inspire the more ready-to-wear clothes.

I will share a post about the Balenciaga part of the exhibition next ;)

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