Jan 14, 2012

The World Of Painting...

I decided to go to the museum today with a couple of friends. Went to Musee D' Orsay and It was beyond beautiful. Although there were quite a number of people there, it had a feel of serenity, as though everybody came to get lost in one fantasy or the other. Cameras were not allowed but I was able to sneak some pictures with my phone.

The sculptures and paintings were so intriguing and inspirational, some were kind of disturbing but all was beautiful. They were so many from famous and reputable artists like Edouard Manet...I really was wow-ed.

Edouard Manet
Edgar Degas
Leon Bonnat
Paul Gauguin
I wanted to take the pictures of all the paintings and sculptures, but those were the ones I could take without being caught and bounced. This brought back memories of when I was younger, my brother and I would paint and draw...ok, he did most of the painting and drawing but I was the muse...we enjoyed it so much and he was pretty good. I wonder what happened to all the creative juice flowing in us then. Oh well, I'll just have to keep going to D'Orsay to revive it.
Have a good night you all.

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