Jan 13, 2012

Confession of a ShOPaHoliC

Was on my way to school on wednesday when I started seeing Solde everywhere, it means sale. Then it occurred to me that the official sale period in France had started...you see, I've been good for some days steering off stores and buying...so I told myself this was not going to change anything. On to school I went, no diversion, I couldn't have been more proud of myself. Then after my class, I said to myself, "straight home it is". Went to the metro, got into a train, then I looked up...oh no I was in the 'wrong' train. Instead of taking the train that takes me back home, I took the one going to Opera. By now you should know where I'm getting at...
So I said to myself, "it's ok, nothing wrong with just looking"...haaa, biggest lie. Ok before I go on with my tale, can I just divert here and rant about something, it really does my nuts head in when I see people disregard (?) clothes in stores, letting them drop and stepping on them and things, it really gets to me, and gracefully OCD-ish me can not help but pick up these clothes and arrange them, and I swear I get weird looks sometimes...but who cares, I love clothes, and it goes beyond just wearing them.
Back to the point of this post, let's just say I did more than looked...oh way more, and it went on till yesterday. Then I started feeling all guilty and bad. I felt so bad!
Then something happened today, I had my first Consumer Behavior class, and we talked about reasons why people buy things, and one of these reasons is Sympathy...yep. People buy things out of sympathy, and I happen to be one of this calibre. You see I'm sympathetic, and that makes me a good person. What would happen to all these creative people making all these things if people like me don't buy?
So I don't feel bad anymore, not really...plus I enjoyed wearing this gilet today:

What I'm wearing: Zara gilet and cardi; New Look midi shirt dress and boots; H&M belt; Fossil wristwatch; and Ondo coral beads.
All things considered, it was a good day. I hope your day was just as good.

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