Jan 17, 2012

And it drops...

I had a long weekend, had so much done...not fun stuff, by the way. It's tuesday I know, but my week now starts on tuesday and I'm enjoying it. My day started quite early but it's been a good day for me. I had a presentation that went well enough, and this was my outfit of choice for the day:

After dressing up, I last-minutedly (does that word exist?) opted for a pair of dropping earring to replace my permanently-joined-to-my-ears gold studs. I'm one of those who don't change their earrings daily, heck not even monthly. My pair of gold studs serve me well, and if you ask me, every girl/lady/woman should own a pair of gold studs.

What I'm wearing: Zara gilet, blazer, tank, shoes; and Mango pants; Fossil wristwatch; Pim Kie earrings; and Ondo coral beads worn as bracelets.
Anyways, I enjoyed wearing the earrings, you would be surprised how two tiny dangling things on your ears can lighten your mood...xoxo.

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