Nov 12, 2011

Milan Fashion Week: S/S '12

These past few days have been tedious. I had a lot of school work, not that I'm complaining...but I'm glad the pressure is down for now. One of my assignments was to analyse a fashion week for spring/summer 2012 and I was happy when my group got Milan fashion week, Milan has got a lot of beautiful designers. Though it was a group thing, I still did a complete individual analysis, and I thought I'd share with you guys.
Over fifty designers showed during the week, and while some (like DSquared2) totally stuck to their aesthetics and brand signature, some were totally overwhelmed by trends. However, some designers were able to find a good balance between the two. Alberta Ferretti, Dolce&Gabbana, and Versace are good examples:

Emporio Armani, Prada and Gucci definitely provided a proper fashion statement this season. Emporio Armani showed the uniformity associated with the future in a white and black collection; Prada brought back  to women fashion the sweetness that has been avoided for a while; and Gucci showed a strong and jazzy collection that brings to mind the 20s...the Gucci flapper dresses are definitely to-die-for.

If I had to pick a designer going down it would be Albino, simply because his collection looked confused, some fabrics looked cheap, and some styles looked unflattering...not to mention a couple of dresses reminded me of Lanvin. A big decline compared to his last collection I must say.
I noticed, spreading on the runway of designers were bold white as complete looks; pastel colours in pink, blue, yellow etc; baring of midriffs (which I think is hawt, and can't wait to try); un-held back embellishment (I love the D&G dress); and graphical with a shot of tribal prints. There was also 'crochety' and guipure lace, pleats and tassels.

What was new to me at Milan fashion week, however, was the underpinning showing below the hem of some garments, as seen on  the runway of (from left) Marni, Albino and Etro. I think it's interesting, but fingers crossed.

Some new designers also showed, and these three caught my eye. I guess I would watch out for them as the years go.
Fashion evolves all the time and at every point in time, certain designers create a few looks which contribute to the evolution of fashion. For the Milan spring summer '12, it would be these looks from Prada, Emporio Armani and Gucci. These looks summed up the contribution of Milan to fashion evolution. From pastel sweetness to futuristic white uniformity and then to edgy jazziness.

At the end of my studies and after staring at all these beautiful clothes, I wish I have a couple...okay, more than a couple, all of them wont be too much. But wishes are certainly not horses...*sigh*
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