Nov 3, 2011

Hair Drama

The weaves are finally off, they were begging to be let loose. Then the challenge was to find a salon that offered the services I wanted, that is, relaxing (or smoothing, like some say) and cutting. Figured I'd go to an African salon for relaxing and a French salon for cutting. While the relaxing was a disaster, the cutting was fantastic. I love my natural hair short, I've had it short for a while but let it grow out for some months, now it's back short. This "page boy" cut is a new look for me and so 1950, but I love it.
In another news, my day wasn't so fantastic, was late for my class and missed my presentation, now praying I'm not in the lecturer's black book.

What I'm wearing: Blazers from Dele's (Alagomeji,Lagos); H&M Beatles t-shirt,bracelets and bag; Tally Weijl leather shorts; New Look tights,socks and boots.


Anonymous said...

Lovely Piece. Just to think I made the same 'page boy' cut style today too tho mine is with a weave. Let's rock our newlook girl☺☺

Damie said...

@Anonymous, yea let's ;)