Mar 3, 2012

Paris Fashion Week

It's been a while since I've been here. I have been...let's just say...under the weather. Finally got out to feel the buzz of Paris fashion week, and finally I got some decent photos to share with you guys. These pictures were taken after Christian Dior and Isabel Marant showed, and the razzmatazz after the show was incredible. So many dramatic looks, but I managed to capture the pictures of people I knew and who I have always admired...and some others.

Elisa Nalin

I love the way she (Elisa) wears colors, and her short platinum blonde hair is insane.

Tamu McPherson
Tamu, of All The Pretty Birds, is just as sweet as she looks. She was nice enough to take a picture with me (which I hope to post later).

Ulyana Sergeenko
Oh my she is stunning! My faux-tography does her no justice.

I don't know her name but I've seen a few pictures of her on The Sartorialist. I can imagine why he takes her picture, there's something quiet but appealing about her.

And there was this dude who was watching the whole drama from his corner, like he wanted in, I bet he has a fashion soul. He warmed up to my camera pretty good.

PS: Every picture in this post was taken by me!

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