Feb 12, 2012

the Party Bun

It took all the strength I had to turn off my laptop (I was watching Perfect Sense, creepy movie by the way) and get dressed for a night-out I committed myself to earlier this week. I mean it was so cold outside and I just wanted to curl in bed with "Mark".
But I got up anyways, then the challenge was to dress comfortable, warm and of course glamourous as expected for a night out, especially one with the people of fashion calibre. I opted for a leopard prints blouse...think animal prints, think Roberto Cavalli, then think glam, no? However, mine was from Zara, a ha. Then I decided to wear my braids in a high bun, as in super high bun, blame Solange.

For comfort I ignored heels and chose to wear a bordeaux velvet slippers...still glam, no?

It started with a house party hosted by Esmond, and I was invited by Bubu. I went with my friends and there were other girls from different schools.

It was nice to meet these girls and exchange views on this mutual interest of ours.

But of course, for the peace of the neighbors, we had to move the party somewhere else. And Paris being a city with taxi-deficiency, we had to use the metro at that ungodly hour of the night, it was insane fun.

What I'm wearing: Zara blouse: Tally Weijl leather shorts; Asos collar necklace and slipper; H&M bag; and Fossil wristwatch.
It was really a good night. But I think I'm going sleep all day today...*sigh*


Anonymous said...

Rili fab...I luv d parts on d metro..kudos gal!

Damie said...

@ Anonymous, thank you :)