Dec 28, 2011

New In: Loafers

Finally here, my loafers. I'd always wanted a pair of loafers, they are like the best shoes: flat, androgynous and classic...what is there not to like. Comfort plus style, perfect for people like me who are too lazy to be bothered with heels on a daily basis. I finally saw this pair on Asos which I liked and at a good deal, it was actually on sale. Ordered it immediately and they finally arrived, earlier than I expected, I'm impressed Asos. Can't wait to wear them, though I guess I would get more wears out of them during summer...*sigh*
In another news, I was going to go roaming the thrift stores on Rue des Rosier in Rivoli, hear it's the best place to find old denim shirts for 5 euros, and cool vintage super hotpants and shorts...which has been on my to-buy list for a long while (too much of a chicken to give in yet). However, the weather today was grey and gloomy, not a perfect day to go roaming around, may be tomorrow, and may be I would eventually get my hot shorts, and may be I would share a picture of it with you guys...or may be not, fingers crossed.
In the meantime, I'm going to curl in my bed with a cup of hot chocolat and watch The Mentalist. Did I mention I'm on holiday?...haha.
P.S: I got one of the things on my Santa wish list!

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