Dec 30, 2011

A Hunt for Treasure...

A couple of days ago I said I was thinking of roaming a very popular street in Paris known for good vintage finds, and I did yesterday. The weather was perfect for roaming with the sun out...or so I thought when I was dressing up to go out. So there I was walking the street of des Rosiers, it was beautiful and I was captivated, no lie. I found myself walking from the beginning of the street to the end more than a couple of times. Everything was interesting, from the buildings to the people to the stores- it seemed the whole place had a concept to it, just like the vintage things found in the stores, everything looked well used or worn over the years, in a good way...I dunno if I'm making sense here but I liked it sha.
So the questions are:
did I buy my super hotpant I told you about?...Nope
did I buy anything at all?...Yep, a beautiful midi pleated skirt.
will I share a picture of it with you guys?...Yep
Also I took some pictures while walking around. Although I was hesitant at first, as I've been a little (ok, a lot) insecure about my photography skills of late, but after a mental prep talk with myself, I brought out my camera and took some pictures. I'm no Scott Schuman or a Garance Dore, but practice makes perfect they say.

It's nice to see people layering with bright colors, it gives positive energetic vibes to their environment, I definitely smiled when I saw this young lady (Above).

She (Above) had the cutest smile, and was shy but nice enough to let me take her picture.

The french have a different attitude towards the so called "It- Bags", but that will be a discussion for another day.
Remember I said it was sunny while I dressed up, then suddenly it became cold, so crazy cold I forgot about taking more pictures and ran back home...smh. Ok people, that will be it for today, au revoir...xoxo.

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