Jan 23, 2011

Street Style Meets Prints!

Put a little pizzazz to your wardrobe by adding some prints pieces. Thankfully, there are plenty of great and amazing prints to go round. From ditsy florals to geometric prints to animal prints to kaleidoscopic prints to nautical stripes to tribal prints, and so much more...*sigh*
New to prints?...have no fear, a baby does not start to run in a day (well as far as I know). Take your first baby crawl by wearing prints in a scarf around your neck to bring to life that block coloured outfit. Feeling a little bold, wear a prints piece (in top or bottom) paired with a block coloured piece...or wear prints in a full piece (i.e. a dress, jumpsuit etc). Now confident and ready to run, play with prints by mixing it all up- wear different patterns in the same hues, or different patterns in complementing hues, for a little mix-match.
However, ladies...and gentlemen, do be careful how you wear them, the wrong prints can make you look homely...we don’t want that now, do we?


damie said...

love it!

aduke said...

great job damie! follow my blog,www.aduke-elesho.blogspot.com

damie said...

will do Aduke, thank u!