Dec 26, 2010

Freedom of Expression-It’s your style, it’s your language!

Fashion is a way of life, and style is the language you speak. Clothes are words which build up a story spoken in your language...your style! And the fascinating part of this is that the language of style is not uniformed, everyone has her own unique way of expressing her style.
Do remember, you don’t need all the money in the world to exercise this freedom of expression. According to Christian Dior, it’s not money that makes you well-dressed, it is understanding...understanding the language (style) you wish to speak and showing it off with an utmost confidence. So be free, have fun, and tell a story...your your own language every time you dress up. I speak effortlessly chic and classy with an intonation of edginess, what do you speak?
(Do feel free to describe your few words the comment box below;and by the way, have a fabulous christmas and happy new year!x)

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Ag said...

Love the look on Lisa and Oseyi!!!! Those shoes! I am a sucker for flats!