May 2, 2012

Amsterdam: Scenery and All...

So I'm back in Paris, and while it's good to be back, I wish I had a couple more days in Amsterdam. The city is beyond beautiful, and it is welcoming...yep welcoming, spend more than a month in Paris and you would appreciate the warm embrace of a city like Amsterdam...still got love for you though Paris.
Like I promised, I'll be sharing some of this with you guys. Starting with few random pictures I took of the city.

By Geraldine
We (my friends and I) made sure we walked as many streets as possible, without getting lost of course.

Whatever happens at Mellow Yellow stays at Mellow Yellow...haha.

There were so many shops with cute souvenirs.

We even did the typical touristic thing, we went on a boat tour. And while I dint particularly listen to the captain's tales, the view was spectacular.

I saw this ship, which was owned by some pirates some centuries ago (I should have listened), how cool is that?
And of course, there was a chinese restaurant floating on river Amstel.

That will be it for today. Time to get some sleep, a busy parisian day awaits me tomorrow. Have a good night people...xx

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