May 4, 2012

Amsterdam: My Red Coat...

By now, you guys already know I love my red coat...yep, that one. I've worn it so many, many times on my MDS.

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I'm pretty sure I could wear it every day of the year, but that wasn't the plan when I left Paris. You see, after checking the weather reports of Amsterdam for the week, I was confident I wouldn't be needing thick outer-wears. All I had to do was wear one out of unrelenting cold Paris.
However, I should have known better than to rely on weather reports. It was a little more chilly than expected on the first three days and I was stuck with my red coat. That dint stop me from roaming the city and all its corners though.

Finally, the weather gave way to some warmth, and I could even have some yummy ice-cream.

Pictures by Geraldine

And it only got better afterwards.

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