Mar 25, 2012

SHF: White on White

My fifth day of SHF style diary.
I'm going through a fashion phase right now. A fashion phase being a particular time I can't get enough of a particular thing. I get that once in a while: the only- skirts phase, the baggy t-shirts phase etc.
Now, it's white on white (or off-white/cream). This just seems appealing to me presently.

But I decided to wear a bomber jacket over this to make things interesting a little.

What I'm wearing: Pim Kie bomber jacket; Zara tank; Topshop pants; New Look sandals; Louis Vuitton bag.

I had the craziest night last night, now I just want to sleep all day. Catch up with you guys later.

1 comment:

Sunmisola Oluwatipin said...

My best look yet in your style diary; way to go Dami.