Mar 7, 2012

Just Another Post

Oh what a day! After hours of standing, and moving, and getting things done, I finally get to sit and breathe. Like I said I would yesterday, I worked in a showroom, Rue Du Mail, today. However, unlike I was hoping, no stories to tell. It was all work, no model fainted, no designer had a "diva-moment", and no agent exploded.
But here are a couple of pictures from my escapades these past few days:

A picture with Scott Schuman of The Sartorialist. And here is a picture with his woman, Garance Dore:

I'm a huge fan of this can tell from my silly big smile.

And this is a picture with the sweet Tamu McPherson of All The Pretty Birds. And finally:

Pictures taken by Bubu Ogisi

Me, after the Nina Ricci show.


Anonymous said...

Scott and Garance are my favourite couple, too! That is super cool that you got to meet them.

By the way, I really enjoy "Stylishevafter". I'm a girl from Canada around your age, and I find your writing and fashion really easy to relate to :)

Damie said...

@ Anonymous, thank you.