Mar 31, 2012

Fall 2012- Chain Reaction

I have no idea what exactly this post title, that is "chain reaction", means but I think it sounds right and appropriate. Like some of you guys who follow my Facebook page know, I paid a little attention to the fashion weeks for fall 2012 that ended earlier this month. While I shared some of the looks that interested me on Facebook, I never got to share my tiny little observations. So here they are now.
On the runway of our beloved designers, a few styles, silhouettes, colors, inspirations, blah and blah connected hence forming what can be said to be trends:

Lanvin; Jason Wu; Proenza Schouler.
There was a substantial dosage of Brocade in many collections.

Gucci; Prada; Jean Paul Gaultier.
The dark side was visited by many designers, with Gothic looks.

Mary Katrantzou; Comme des Garcons; Stella McCartney.
Blue is definitely the color of this season, but not just any blue, it's the Klein blue. Note, not electric but Klein blue...I was quickly corrected by my professor when I called it electric (haha).

Proenza Schouler; Jason Wu; Damir Doma.
Many designers headed to the East for inspiration. A lot of looks could be said to be Asian...almost as if these designers were buttering up the Asians. Smart, you say, as they are the ones with the mostest...

And lastly

Alexander McQueen; Mary Katrantzou; Balenciaga.
There was this spacey, futuristic, hi-tech, sci-fi, I-dont-have-a-word-for-it thing going on. Designers definitely looked into the future, but presented it this time without the coldness and starkness usually associated with it.
Oh well, this is what I think so far. I hope to have more thoughts to share with you guys later.

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