Jan 31, 2012

New Love- Diva

I just got a lipstick from Mac, it's called Diva. You see, I do the same make-up every day, it's pretty simple: some dust of Mac studio fix, a couple brushes of blush, line my eyes with Sleek black pencil, a few strokes of mascara (really, a few strokes, my eyelashes are thick already), then a lipstick or lipgloss. But then, I try a little to keep things interesting, so I play with my lip colors, and by 'play', I mean rotating between different shades of pink, red and nude.
And new in my collection is Diva, I love!

I really think it's a nice shade of red, deep and a little brownish, hence suitable for almost all brown skin. You all should go get your diva.

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