Dec 12, 2011

Prada, Prints and Moi

Hi all, it'd been a while. I have been busy with school projects as usual, but once again I'm not complaining. Thought I'd share one of my projects with you guys. I like to think this particular project shows my creative side. I wouldn't call myself a designer but designing appeals to me. The project was to create a print orientation for a high end fashion brand. And of course I chose Prada, simply because Miuccia Prada and I have a thing in common, we both studied Political science...hahaha. On a serious note though, I love Prada, the brand manages to combine creativity and commercial savviness. And when it comes to prints, Prada does not conform to the usual, instead it goes avant garde.

But while the prints are artsy and innovational, the lines and cuts of garments are not too fussy...a good balance I think.
So I got inspired by music and came up with my mood board showing my color and print orientations for Prada for Spring Summer '13 I guess.

As you can see, the interpretation of my inspiration is quite genius (haha). Prada did the fish/mermaid prints, Monkey/banana prints, the car may be it's going to be music tape prints next summer, just a suggestion Miuccia.
And if you are wondering what H&M is doing on my mood board, it is simply that for every high end concept there's a high street "interpretation", so I came up with a variation of the print for H&M...actually it was part of the project.
Finally, the prints in outfits:

My sketches are not the most amazing, but not bad I must say. Ok, that will be it for today...hopefully not for the week. Au revoir.

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