Jul 14, 2011

Still in the FAB Lane

When I saw the first issue of FAB magazine with my style spy special feature, I was so impressed and I was gingered to continue with the feature. The second issue of  the year, named The Escapism Issue, is out...and of course you get to read two pages of style spy special :D

This time, I 'spied' on Grey and Toju Foyeh. I really do enjoy visiting these stores and boutiques because I really get to know these amazingly creative people, have a feel of what they are made of and what makes them tick, then I get to understand their brands better.


The Grey team is a bunch of three exuberant people with weird but interesting sense of humour, their clothes truly represent them with the vibrant colours and quirky cuts. I had lots of laughs shooting them.
Toju Foyeh has to be the most soft spoken lady I've ever met...ok, may be one of the most soft spoken ladies I've ever met. 'Spying' on her made me realize the intricacy of her clothes and the effort she puts in on detailing...I certainly respect her more.
Anyway, you all should go get a copy of FAB, the escapism issue, read my feature and a whole lot more in the magazine...be inspired.


Dammy Jewel said...

new here..found ur blog via someone elses blog..we have the same name and u are a piscean..a definte follow from me..will fly around ur blog for the next hour or two

Damie said...

Thank you Dammy :)